The Cape

A night and morning of on and off light showers wasn’t the best start to our day of reaching the Cape. But as we drove the tracks to reach “Pajinka”, the rain clouds were whipped away by the high winds to reveal a near cloudless amazing blue sky. We arrived at a beach where many 4 wheel drives had gathered and a group of seniors were sipping champagne and enjoying themselves. I reached my hand out and asked where mine was and they told me I couldn’t cheat and had to reach the tip first! We walked onto the beautiful big white sandy beach and around the headland. Soon, the famous sign appeared… There it was, just up ahead. “You are standing at the Northern most point of the Australian continent”. We had made it! It felt surreal. Are we really all the way up here? Wow! After some happy snaps, we walked the higher route of the headland and placed rocks on a “Cairn”, one of dozens of pyramid shaped piles of rocks that people have placed. Mark whipped out a “can” of our own as he revealed a beer he had hidden to celebrate. We cruised up and down the beautiful beach, up to the ominous sounding Crocodile Creek before heading back to camp.
















4 thoughts on “The Cape

  1. Congratulations to all of you on your arrival at the tip. The commentary and photographs are a delight and I’m living the journey vicariously through you, recalling another time in another life. Thank you for doing the blog, I assure you it isn’t a wasted effort. May you continue your journey in peace. Go well, ciao, Dion

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