Stop off at Gympie

Day 1 of the adventure saw us put in a big day of driving from Sydney to Gympie, just north of the Sunshine Coast. Dad knew a guy called Dion who he had met through his camel club and had ‘nose pegged’ his 2 camels for him (as you do) about 5 years earlier.

We arrived fairly late in the evening and Dion greeted us with the most amazing hospitality… Cold beers, a huge BBQ and the most tranquil resort like facilities, nestled in the dense Gympie forest. We stayed in Dion’s “transportable shade room” as he called it, to avoid council regulation. It was more like a Balinese bungalow, resting by a man-made lake and filled with Dion’s handmade paper crafts and all sorts of cultural items. After stuffing ourselves with food and wine, we crashed before the head could hit the pillow. The next morning we chatted over coffee and toast and talked camel stuff. Thanks for the incredible hospitality Dion and we might see you on the way back.




2 thoughts on “Stop off at Gympie

  1. You were all very welcome. I loved having you here and missed you when you left even after so short a sojourn. Know that you are all welcome here on your return journey. A peaceful break on your long travel, think of it as a caravansary at an oasis. Enjoy your blog immensely and look forward to keeping tabs on your progress. If you come back we’ll make some paper – how’s that for enticement? Go well, love to you all, Sue and Dion

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