A few of our favourite things

Mark and Rita’s highlights were – Lakefield National Park, croc infested river – 5 metre sighting, Palmer river roadhouse, Daintree National Park, Daintree River cruises, Croc spotting, Barramundi fishing , Port Douglas and the drive to Bowen.

Kerstin – Townsville’s Castle Hill, Fraser Island, Lakefield National Park, Fruitbat Falls, Port Douglas, flora and fauna, the nice and friendly people that shared their experience and advice and the ‘crazy’ 4WDing – such as Palm Creek and the other river crossings. Finishing the trip with the most easterly point of Australia to go with the most Northerly.

Matt – Having lots of family at Townsville and the ceremony at the beach, Seeing the Australian wildlife in their natural environment – the bird life, salt water crocs, sharks, marsupials and even the giant bugs. Being in and around Lakefield National Park and The Daintree Rainforest. Although, sadly you can tell that a huge amount of deforestation has impacted the Daintree over the years as it’s surrounded by crop farming, it’s still an amazing rainforest of such diversity and wildlife. The stunning white beaches around the Cape, Fraser Island, Port Douglas, The river crossings and sections of track that got your adrenaline pumping, the friendliness of the people that you meet on the journey – The Canberra boys, crazy boys, river boys, the retired couple from Port Macquarie, the owner of Bramwell Station and heaps of other people that lent a hand, offered advice, had a chat or just a friendly wave from their cars.







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